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Moisture absorber - air freshener

Moisture absorber - air freshener
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Absorbs the excess moisture and freshens the air, leaving a fragrant lavender aroma.
Appropriate for use in wardrobes, pantries and other small confined spaces and premises.


The aroma moisture absorber, with a peg design, acts for a period of 60 days, depending on the relative humidity in the room.
It can be used in wardrobes, pantries, bathrooms, washing rooms, basements, caravans, yachts, cars and in small confined space premises, lacking or having insufficient ventilation.
Pour the contents of the bag onto the grate. Put the lid and mount the absorber onto a level surface. Do not tilt! When the active substance has melted completely, drain the liquid into the sewer and insert a new cartridge.
Take pleasure inhaling the aroma.


The product has been designed for hanging in wardrobes, pantries and other small confined spaces and premises, aiming at freshening musty rooms and absorbs the excess moisture.
It protects your clothes and belongings from excess moisture and molds. It helps limit the allergen emissions at home, caused by mold and mildew formation.Helps freshen the air, leaving a lavender fragrance in small confined spaces lacking in or having poor ventilation.
The product is non-toxic, hygienic and environmentally friendly.
The lavender aroma repels moths in a natural and environmentally friendly way.

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Humidity Absorber

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